Does your organisation, city or country have a Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) ? Does it have a Happiness Improvement Program in place based around a Happiness Hotspot ? Are people working on Personal Happiness Plans and together on Team Happiness Plans? Would your income, turnover or GDP increase by 1% or more if the happiness of your family, people, community increased by 1%?

As Happiness becomes more mainstream, the number of Chief Happiness Officers and Happiness Hotspots is growing. A sample of CHOs below:-


Adam Pervez, Chief Happiness Officer at HappinessPlunge
Agula Joseph Ogoror, Chief Happiness Officer, CRY Uganda
Alexander Kjerulf, Chief Happiness Officer, Author, Speaker
Ales Vrana, Chief Happiness Officer, Brno and Czech Republic
Annie Nguyen, Chief Happiness Officer at Bellagio & Co
Arlette Bentzen, Chief Happiness Officer at Arbejdsglæde nu
Arnaud Collery, Chief Happiness Officer, based in New York
Aymee Coget, Chief Happiness Officer, San Francisco and USA
Bridget Hogg, Chief Happiness Officer, Adelaide
Dagmar Simkovicova, Chief Happiness Officer, Bratislava
Edwin Edebiri, Chief Happiness Officer at I am Happy Project
Genny Jones, Chief Happiness Officer for Gravesend and Kent, UK
Hari , Chief Happiness Officer, A1050 Vienna
Henry Stewart, Chief Happiness Officer, Happy Ltd
Jake Street, Chief Happiness Officer for St Gilgen, Austria
Jenn Lim, Chief Happiness Officer at Delivering Happiness
Jim Moss, Chief Happiness Officer at The Smile Epidemic
Kunal Khanna, Chief Happiness Officer at The Happiness Company
Laurence Vanhée, Chief Happiness Officer at Belgian Ministry of Social Security
Mark Rowland, Chief Happiness Officer at StyleTread
Michal Šrajer, Chief Happiness Officer at Inmite s.r.o.
Mike Ziedler, Chief Happiness Officer at Happy City Initiative
Nigel Stonham, Chief Happiness Officer,  European Happiness Association
Rosa Howard, Chief Happiness Officer at Big Ideas Group
Rosie Knight, Chief Happiness Officer for Derby
Sandra Molendyk, Chief Happiness Officer, Vancouver
Shveitta Sharma, Chief Happiness Officer at CareHQ
Stefan Richter, CHO at MyHappyfication
Stephen Phillips, Chief Happiness Officer at Spring Research
Stephen Whiteley, Chief Happiness Officer, Ottawa
Tim Sharp, Chief Happiness Officer at The Happiness Institute
Urška Stanovnik Chief Happiness Officer at Optiweb
Victoria Quattlebaum, Chief Happiness Officer, A1150 Vienna 15th ~ Victoria
Yolanda Reischer, Chief Happiness Officer , A1130 Vienna 13th ~ Yolanda

other references:-

Action for Happiness
American Happiness Association
Association of Chief Happiness Officers
Delivering Happiness
Gross National Happiness
GNH, the economic and social benefits of happy citizens
Mr Happy
Mr Van Rompuy requests world leaders to make happiness a priority
Path to true happiness “revealed” in Slough by BBC
Teaching Happiness
The Economics of Happiness
The Happy Manifesto
The Happy Movie
One Million Happy
World Happiness Report 20132016
World Happy Day


Authentic Happiness, Martin Seligman
Beyond Happiness, Frank Jospeh Kinslow
Happiness at Work, Jessica Pryce-Jones
Happy at Work, Sophie Rowan
Happiness: Lessons from a new Science, Richard Layard
Sustainable Happiness in 5 Steps, Dr Aymee Coget
The Art of Happiness A handbook for living, The Dalai Lama
The Happy Manifesto, Henry Stewart
What Happy Companies Know

European Happiness Project intention to train 60 CHO in Vienna
UAE Training 60 Chief Happiness Officers


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